11-22-63 Audiobook: A Novel

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11-22-63: A Novel by Stephen King

As the name of this terrifying Sci-Fi novel indicates the date and the day when the President John F. Kennedy was shot dead in Dallas, the writer Stephen King narrates how the world changed for most of the Americans and how everyone was thinking about if they could have stopped the horrific event and that the Kennedy could have been saved if one could control the past and change the future.

In this story, the writer starts telling about a person named Jake who teaches GED students and ask them about writing essays to find out and tell everyone regarding a horrifying event in their lives. That day he gets through the story written by one of his student in which he narrates the murder of his family including his mother, brother, and sister who were murdered by his father.

11-22-63: A Novel by Stephen King

At the same time when he was just comparing how life turns out to be after the tragic event, one of Jakes friend confesses about a secret exit to the past that exists in his storeroom.

The story then develops around the plan where Jack intends to change the past to make sure the future is much better by stopping Kennedy’s assassination. The whole story is based on the terrifying, life-changing events that Jake has to face when he is in his real life and when he goes to the past from that storeroom and experience all the terror that was there during the past years.

Perfectly narrated by Craig Wasson, this story keeps the reader into its life-changing scenarios involved so much that you could think if you are also living in the 1960s where there are ancient big cars and cigars surround you all the way long. Similarly, the Dead Zone and the other version of the same story 22.11.63 make use of Sci-Fi and the real-time moments to enhance the natural touch and increased involvement of the reader to the story.



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