131 Days

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131 days centers on arena fights and gladiators. Some men enter the Sunja pit simply to fight, some for the fame, while some others are there just to gain fortune. The game usually goes on for several days until everyone involved dies or a champion emerges. It is certainly the battle for survival, fame, or fortune, depending on whatever is the goal of the fighter.

The book is a masterpiece of historical fiction that will get anyone on the edge of their seats from the beginning through to the very end. It’s a fast-moving novel filled with rich details of characters. The author presented the arena games just like it was told. Keith C. Blackmore showed class by providing excellent character development. John Lee also did his own narration magic on the novel. IT really makes things more interesting to listen to the audiobook.

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The voices were just spot on or the characters used. This makes it easier to identify with any character in the book. With the way Lee gave the unique voice to each of the characters, you will feel as if you’re listening to a full movie cast of the real characters.

It makes creating the movie less desiring as much of the characters have been exceptionally represented by the narrator.

Some people have rated this book better than Blackmore’s other book Well Fed. But as the first of 131 Days series, it really does have a lot of suspense and intrigues. There is a lot of action and great humor. One interesting thing is the fact that the author and narrator try to keep the readers/listeners focused despite the great deal of humor in the book.

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