1634: The Galileo Affair

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Mike Stearns after landing in the 17th century along with the whole of West Virginia has been busy saving the past with his futuristic skills. He has done everything to provide the people with their basic rights of freedom and free will. Along with this, he has tried to stop the massive bloodshed which could affect the existence of most of them in the future. With time the era of the great plague approaches the land and an organization within West Virginia known as the CPE decides to prevent it before it flourishes.

People of the 17th century don’t know anything about the disease yet but luckily the future race of West Virginia possesses the medical knowledge which is ample to save the day. So the CPE starts a mission secretly in Venice where the disease has started to gain it’s strangling hold slowly. Relations with the Turkish government and the current American government play a vital role in the CPE here.

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The organization though is trying to help the people of the land but the people of the era just aren’t able to digest the knowledge that they have. Also, they cannot guess how worse the situation can become if the plague spreads.

Eric Flint and Andrew Dennis combine for this part; George Guidall still exists in the narrator’s corner. 1632  and Fortune’s Stroke had action and some active chase and run situations where politics dominates the scenes. Clever politics from different sides change the course of different things in the novel. In some spots, dirty politics also come into play which shows the cunningness of the people of the past.

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