1st to Die

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Once you join the “Women’s Murder Club” as a reader there is no way you are getting out of it because you would not want it to happen. The novel is a pure sensational stuff and is written in such a way that it looks like a movie rather than a novel. It is a tale about a killer who goes psycho all of a sudden in order to achieve or perform something that has not happened before in the world. The problem is that he has thought of an evil plan which will take him towards the performance of the most hideous crime in the world.

James Patterson goes deep in the mind of a criminal and tells us the way these maniacs usually think when they are alone and free. Sin is always at the root of all their planning and they just cannot produce something better out of their sick mind. The women murder club is on the chase of this killer who leaves to trace behind but still has stunned the whole city in a little span of time. The suspect a prominent writer as well but he cannot be arrested or investigated because of his good repute in the society.

To the surprise of these women everything is turned upside down when they come to know about a hidden secret about the killer. The sensation in the novel reminds us about Invisible and The Inn that too share the same kind of circumstance. Suzanne Toren the master of narrating mysteries has done her role to a perfect level the cries and horror surely keep you awake at night if you listen to it in Suzanne’s voice.


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