206 Bones

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No personal harms have ever come to Tempe in any of the parts and now Kathy Reichs in order to make the book interesting throws Tempe in a deep pit. All the forensic expert remembers is that she became unconscious and now when she has gained her senses she finds herself in a lot of trouble. Someone has tied her up and she is in a cage like place and things are not looking good apparently but this also buys her time to think about all the things that had happened to her.

Not only does she know about the 206 bones in the human body the lady is an expert in reconstructing situations in her mind. We have witnessed her expertness of constructing images in Bones to Ashes and Devil Bones where she alone guessed correctly what happened at the crime scene in the past. Here she again starts to construct things in her mind and thinks about the case she was currently dealing with.

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Just a phone call made from a source made her shut the case and then the man who made the phone call was erased from the scene forever. After that there were consecutive dead bodies of women to be found.

The other man on the case is Ryan and Tempe is forced to think that perhaps he too is involved this time in the case and because of him she has landed in this pit waiting for her death. Whispering tone is adopted by Linda Emond because Tempe is trapped in a coffin like place and she is just talking to herself throughout the novel.

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