4th of July

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Fight for life and career becomes tough Lindsay boxer as we for the first time see her in a confused state. It’s not the circumstances that put fear in her mind, she has recently lost a woman who was one of her club’s members and as she started the routine investigation she is arrested. The case of murder is put aside and she is charged with the crime brutality on an innocent she is left with no evidence that can prove that she was investigating. It means that there is someone in the department that is framing her in the case.

James Patterson and Maxine Paetro have really portrayed serious trials that make us worried about the fate of this master detective who has been helping the people of the town for quite a while now. Lindsay has faced several deadly criminals in stories like 3rd Degree and The 5th Horseman but she never had been at the mercy of the court herself. Even her freedom is compromised and she cannot work freely as the police are on her tail all the time.  She is left with no choice but to run away from the town and thus she comes to the Half Moon Bay where another murder mystery comes to her attention and the club reassembles once again.

The links of the murders in Half Moon Bay to their friend’s murder really confuses the group and it seems that someone is toying with them. The narrator is same like always and Carolyn McCormick has given another heart touching performance once again in this fourth part of the thrilling sequence.







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