A Boy and His Dog at the End of the World

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A Boy and His Dog at the End of the World novel speak volumes about the ability of its author and his imagination. The writer of this novel is C. A. Fletcher, who has done a marvelous job in post-apocalyptic and a science fiction fantasy novel. C. A. Fletcher is an all-rounder in literary art as he himself has given the narration of this book as well. He wrote this novel the way it should be written and then narrated it with a soulful voice, which was the requirement for a novel of such type.

The story behind this novel has everything for the audience to get entertained. It comes with a very well made-up post-apocalyptic world. Moreover, it also has some great character, incredible adventure, mind blowing suspense, limitless thrill and of course, the immense love for some really lovable dogs.

The story is specifically about a dog, which gets stolen. In order to hunt for the lost dog, her owner sets out on a long and a life changing journey. He was supposed to go through some significant ruins of the world in order to get back his furry friend. The journey of the dog hunt is all about courage, survival and hope as a whole.

The story apart from the dog has Griz as its leading character. He was actually the owner of the dog. He never had a very usual childhood. Mostly, he never had much friends and just met only a handful of people in his entire life, and that too for a game of football. The dog was his best friend only and if that gets stolen, then it is understandable for Griz to come after in search.





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