A Burning Obsession

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This is the third or the concluding part of the series which has no change in the narration. Fajer Al- Kaisi and Jesse Vilinsky are all geared up to end the series in the same style in which they started it not a very long time ago. We have seen Abby Mullen not only as a hostage negotiator in the series but also as a survivor who stands up tall at the end. As a child, she faced many evils, and then during A Deadly Influence Abby saved the life of her friend’s child.

Then in the other episode Damaged Intentions her own daughter was in the line of fire and she had to go through hell to save her life. These incidents have played a strange role in their mind of Abby but she is ready to take on another mission because she is committed to her job and wants to help other people. The evils from Abby’s past have returned and she thinks that the things which she buried in her mind thirty years ago are coming back now.

Fires are killing people in their homes and it is the doing of Moses Wilcox i.e the one who almost killed Abby as a young girl. Criminal profiler Zoe Bentley is also on this case and she wants the help of an expert in order to crack this suspicious case. If anyone can look into the mind of this mastermind criminal then it is none other than Abby who is too afraid to do that. She does not want to remember all of that which she had gone through as a child but there is no other way.

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