A Canticle for Leibowitz

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A Canticle for Leibowitz is a fictional novel. It is written by Walter M. Miller Jr. He was an American writer of science fiction novels. The subject novel, A Canticle for Leibowitz is the only novel from the author that ever got published. So, you can say that this is the debut r the first and the last novel by the author. He earned great success for this novel and earned the prestigious Hugo Award for Best Novel in fiction in 1961. Before the publication of this novel, Walter used to write short stories as well and he was quite good at that thing.

Tom Weiner has done the narration of this novel. His performance has been quite outstanding and he managed to make this audiobook quite memorable for all the fans of Walter and his masterpiece.

In a ruined, nightmarish world, slowly and gradually awakening after sleep, the juvenile rediscoveries of science are fed secretly by the cloistered monks. This work was all dedicated to the preservation and study of the writings and relics of St. Isaac Leibowitz. From this point, the story here goes down to centuries of ignorance, barbarism, and violence. This was a view through a very sharp and satirical eye showing the progress of the human race that was damned by the intrinsic humanness to re-celebrate its foibles and repeating the mistakes.

The novel is stunning and quite funny, tragic, imaginative, fresh, and remarkable, all at the same time. The book manages to retain its ability to amazing and enthralling the audience. It is today and it has always been a top masterpiece in fictional literary writing.


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