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A Clash Of Kings Audiobook – A Song Of Ice and Fire Book #2 Full book

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    About the audiobook

    Preceded by A Game of Thrones (1996), A Clash of Kings is the second volume of the fantasy novel series of A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin. The second novel was officially published in United Kingdom in 1998, but in the United States in 1999. George R. R. Martin – one of 100 influential people in the world, won honors and awards for his notable series and every single volume. The five books have been translated into over 47 languages and published over 60 million copies.

    Tokybook version – Read by Melissa Sturn [updated full chapter]

    ( Chapter 1-53 by Melissa, Chapter 54-69 by Amy, sorry for this inconvenience and thank for your understand )

    Official version – Man voice by Audible

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    A Song of Ice and Fire tells you the civil war of seven kingdoms on the fictional continents – Westeros and Essos. A Clash of Kings is the conflict of families to win the most powerful throne of Westeros after the death of King Robert Baratheon. Who will be the next king of the crown? Taking control of a throne usually ignites a battle between Good and Evil. Listening to the audiobook, you will experience the viewpoints from both sides.

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    1. Hello, Where are the rest of the chapters? Only goes to 18?

    2. Thank you so much for these, I listened to GoT in around a week. I much prefer your voice to the normal audio book. I was wondering if you would be willing to do prolong for the books as well. I was also hoping to donate to you for your work on this project.

    3. Do you know when you will have the rest of the chapters available?

    4. Hi there, Big fan and loved hearing the books after already having read them. Is there complete sets of the Millissa Sourne readings of the books, i can only find up to chapter 30 to A Clash of Kings. Any help would be hughly appreciated, Im really eager to listen to the set of them

      • We just record till chapter 33, we will update it right after new chapter released. After ten chapter, it will be export to video and upload on our Youtube channel

    5. Where can I find chapter 50? Clash of Kings is the second volume of the fantasy novel series of A Song of Ice and Fire.

    6. I so enjoy listening to your audio books, and I’m egar to finish book 2 of GOT, any idea of when chapters 50-end will be done? Thanks!

    7. I meant eager!

    8. Where can I find the audiobook now that the videos are no longer available? And are you still recording more chapters of A Clash Of King’s?

    9. Any word on the rest of the books read by Melissa?

    10. Hi Melissa I am a big fan of your Game of Thrones audio books. When can expect more chapters from you?
      Thank you!

    11. When will the rest of the book be up?

    12. Can you upload the book the upside down. It’s the book for the show stranger things 🙂

    13. Thanks so much for uploading this! Keep up the good work!

    14. Can I ask where did chapter 40 go I am looking everywhere for it?

    15. Whens the rest coming?

    16. Ive been waiting since November for more chapters. Are they coming?

    17. when will Melissa will post more chapters ?!

    18. R u going to finish the rest

    19. Any idea when Chapters 54+ will be completed? Love Mellisa’s reading voice. Don’t think I can handle listening to anyone else.

    20. Please, are these abridged?? I’m just now realizing that Melissa’s chapters do not match up with the Unabridged version! PLEASE write if these are abridged or not in the title or somewhere obvious, I had no idea I’ve been listening to a shortened version of the books! Thank you!

    21. How can I download this?

    22. Melissa we miss you so much!!!! Please finish clash of kings….

    23. Adam,

      you cannot want subscribers to give you full access to their account. when you try to subscribe it tells me that you would be able to manage my account and all my content on my youtube channel.

      • hello, i just deactive this function, u can access the book now without subscribe.
        Sorry for this inconvenience . Cheers

        • The account is deactivated again and asking you to subscribe to youtube which I am already a subscriber. Also, can you fix it where is it does say that say that subscribing to your channel will allow you to manage a person youtube account?

          • Sorry for this inconvenience , i am testing new function. You can use a sub Youtube account to subscribe channel to secure your Youtube channel although i make sure your account will be safe. We do not using your account for anything else, just subscribe to get notification when we upload new book on Youtube. Thank for your understanding and have a great time at Tokybook.Com, Cheer !

    24. still waiting for Mellisa to finish the rest of the books …

    25. You cant leave us hanging like this….:(
      When will the rest of book 2 be available??

    26. When will the rest be done for a clash of kings? 54+?

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