A Closed and Common Orbit

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Wayfarer is a ship full of crazy people who are ready to accept any kind of mission which is thrown in front of them. They don’t care whether they are asked to touch the edge of the universe or not. In the first episode, they started tunneling wormholes in space which landed them somewhere really terrible. They had to run for their lives in that one, and some thought that the captain will not accept such a mission again but the captain does not follow the expectations.

The first part introduced us to Rosemary who was looking for something worthy in her life and this time it is Lovelace. Lovelace is not a human rather she is the artificial intelligence of the ship which has taken a new body after the system failure of the ship. Lovelace has no memory of the past and she is like a newborn who is learning from new experiences and also through chatting with the people present around.

Pepper is an engineer on the ship who gets really excited to see artificial intelligence taking a human form in front of him. Pepper starts guiding Lovelace just like a friend and together they start exploring not only the universe but also the bond of friendship between a human and an artificial intelligence enclosed in a human figure.

Rachel Dulude is really an expert in narrating love and adventure tales and she has proved that in this novel. Keep in your mind the names of the other two hits i.e A Prayer for the Crown-Shy and A Psalm for the Wild-Built after which you will become a true fan of the author. The author has really produced adventure tales that are matchless most of the time.

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