A Crown of Swords

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The heatwave continues to torment mankind as Elayne, Mat, and Aviendha come closer to the bowl that can change the fortune of the world for betterment this time. Without the natural weather the mother earth has become a living hell not only for mankind but for other species as well. Egwene is busy in a task of her own as she tries to gather more and more women with different characteristics.

Some of the women in her group are Windfinders while others are with unique qualities of wisdom. We have reached the seventh book of the “Wheel of Time” series but still one can say that the spic battle is still in stock and Robert Jordan is intentionally trying to prolong the story. The interesting thing about the series is that it still attracts over attention rather than creating boredom. An amazing thing about the writer that we analyze in this series is that he has created an extraordinary world out of the common world that we know.

In books like The Eye of the World and The Great Hunt we can see the same thing. Robert Jordan never takes us among the stars and the worlds are not the creation of his imaginations. It is always the same world with a different calamity or problem that threatens the existence of its most precious species. The narrators are the same as the pair was quite a hit in the previous chapter.

We see much better coordination between Kate Reading and Michael Kramer this time which shows that they are improving themselves with each part. The improvement can be seen in dialogue delivery and the pitch that they use. The pauses are also superb.



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