A Dangerous Path

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A Dangerous Path – Warriors Series Book 5 – Erin Hunter

The fifth book in the warrior series by Erin Hunter is surely an attraction for those who have read the previous four books of the series. Books like Into the Wild: Warriors (Hunter), Book 1 – Erin Hunter, Forest of Secrets: Warriors (Hunter), Book 3 – Erin Hunter, Rising Storm: Warriors (Hunter), Book 4 – Erin Hunter are a must read if you want to enter the world of fantasy created by Erin Hunter. However the best thing about the series is that each part has its own separate identity as well so if you are reading it as a first time it’s not a big problem though you will need some time to understand the characters and their personalities at the start but toward the middle the things will become smooth.

The story opens with a change of leadership in the Shadow Clan who nominate Tigerclaw as their new leader, all the things including the ceremony goes well and according to plan except for one thing that Fireheart does not consider Tigerclaw as an honest leader, he is of the view that Tigerclaw possesses an old vengeance for his clan in his heart so that’s why he perhaps would try to fulfill his evil desires once he is given the post of the head.

The ceremony follows different tragedies in the forest and the cat world faces one problem of the other which clearly shows that the future of the cat kingdom is surely grim. The Thunder Clan’s leader abandons them all of a sudden with no clue. All these happening make things more suspicious for fireheart. The story is also with brilliant narration in the superb high pitch voice of MacLeod Andrews that brings energy that is needed in such a type of stories.   



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