A Darkness at Sethanon

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Pug a boy with not a worthy past and no bright future came to Isles in Magician: Apprentice as a student to a magician. Now after three parts Raymond E. Feist presents him as the only hope for the land. Famous in both worlds by the name Milamber the master of magic holds the key to stop the upcoming war.

Pug was chosen for this day and now is the time to prove that the decision that the magicians made was correct. Task happens to be the toughest for the hero because although he has the power to do anything in both worlds but the enemy that is emerging is unimaginable. It seems that darkness itself has risen against the world and the best trick in the book is needed in order to get rid of this.

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If Pug fails than both worlds would go under the rule of pure evil for the rest of eternity. Linked more to Magician: Master the book winds up everything that started in the series and each and every character and incident is given epic ending by the author. Not magic alone was the primary spice of the series, there was also love, action, suspense and cunningness involved in the gravy that made it a piece of literary genius.

Most of the time it happens that narrators fall short in quality in such energetic stories but this was not the case with this series. Nicholas Guy Smith was evolving in each chapter of every book as a better narrator and his voice supported the story and its characters till the last line of the last book.


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