A Darkness More than Night: Harry Bosch Series, Book 7

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A Darkness More than Night: Harry Bosch Series, Book 7 is a suspenseful mystery thriller. It is written by Michael Connelly. He is amazing crime fiction and mystery thriller author with his spectacular detective character of Harry Bosch. The Black Box is one of his best books. Moreover, The Late Show is another spectacular title from the author that deserves your attention.

The audio narration of the subject title is done by Richard M. Davidson. It was a crude performance that more than partially ruined the experience of this audio novel.

Harry Bosch was deeply involved in a case that transfixed the entire celebrity-mad LA. The case was of a Hollywood movie director who was charged with the murder of an actress. The incident happened while they were supposedly having sex and then her death was staged in a way so that it could look like a suicide. Bosch in that case was not only the arresting officer but also a star witness in the trial. It was a case that brought the entire Hollywood media in a full-throated rage.

Terry McCaleb in the meanwhile was enjoying an ideal retirement at Catalina Island. Then he had a visit from an old friend and a colleague which brought his working days rushing back. It was a murder case in which he was a specialist during his FBI days. The sheriff’s office approached Terry to have a glance at the murder case and see if he could point out something which the investigators were missing…

You will love this story and also the characters it has. However, you will struggle a lot with the annoying narration of Richard M. Davidson.

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