A Fatal Grace

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Inspector Gamache impressed many in the first part when he shows his ever alert nature and the sense of smelling the skeleton in the closet scenario. He never believes on what he sees in the first glance and what he is told in the first meeting. The clear and alert mind of the inspector always races to every corner of the crime scene picking clues that the other usually ignore. Louise Penny in the first part Still Life depicts a tale in which the inspector confronts an evil force but this time the evil force has a mind as well. The murderer is more cunning than even as even Gamache approves his skills.

It is Christmas time in Quebec thus everyone is busy for the festivity and no one is prepared for the slaughtering that the murderer is planning on the eve of Christmas. CC de Poitiers was the lady whom no one liked and it was not only her that people liked actually her whole family was alienated by the society. Her daughter was a long gone case and her lover was a total coward sort of a guy, thus when she is murdered no one was near her.

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Though she was present in the annual tournament and was electrocuted in the lake near it still no one bothered to look at her during the function. The writer puts question on the simple village life as well when the inspector digs deep into the village secrets.

Ralph Cosham is going well with the series, narrating in high passion and spirit has been the trademark of the narrator throughout his career.




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