A Few Pecans Short of a Pie

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A Few Pecans Short of a Pie is a contemporary romantic novel written by Molly Harper. She is absolutely amazing with her idea of romance where you will also see her clever humor dominating in many of her novels. A true example of that are her novels titled as Peace, Blood and Understanding and Where the Wild Things Bite.

In this novel, A Few Pecans Short of a Pie, you will be further amazed to witness the impeccable performance of Amanda Ronconi as its narrator. She has completely justified that why she is the most rusted narrator choice of Molly Harper, who always look up to her for brilliant narrations of many of her novels.

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In this novel, Kyle, a sexy school principal is up against the biggest challenge of her entire career. The challenge was to get her pregnant girlfriend, Margot, an event planner down the aisle, before her baby is born.

To the astonishment of Margot, she has started to like the small town in Georgia. Moreover, the romance of the school principal has also helped her along. Both of them have been taking things very slowly and carefully. Things were like that until Margot got pregnant. Kyle was determined to make an honest woman out of Margot, but she is still trying hard and her best to proceed with extreme caution. After all, she had a big name in the event planning industry of Chicago, before she made her way to the Lake Sackett. Her wedding has to be good, rather perfect in every possible way. And, perfection here also means not to have a baby somewhere halfway down the aisle.

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