A Gift of Time

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A time travel tale is always attractive to listen especially if it is linked with people who appear to be pessimistic about their present life because of the past happenings that they think that they cannot undo in this part of life. The novel opens when the main character is ready to kill himself and just before he pulls the trigger he finds a time-traveling ship in his lawn that seems to be broken a bit and with a virtually naked woman Cager leaves his plan of suicide for a while and starts investigating the whole incident with a peace of mind.

He mends the ship and transports himself back to his ten-year body to correct the things that he had done wrong he is not an ordinary man anymore as he is with more knowledge about time and space.

The problem that arises at this stage is that the more he wants to correct the things that he remembers would bring havoc in his life the more complex his future becomes and changing the past does not prove to be an easy thing to him, as it changes everything in the surroundings as well.

Cager even uses his mathematical skills to build a new time machine of his own but still, the fortune never favors him even when he knows everything about it. The new woman in his life changes the things a bit but still the problems keep on piling up all the time.

Jerry Merritt like his other book Time Pebbles has given quite a detailed touch to the characterization of Cager and at the same time, each changing time zone and scenery leaves an everlasting impact on the reader’s mind. Narration by Christopher Lane is an extra treat for story lovers.





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