A Good Hard Look

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In the novel the title actually appears as the crux of the novel that Flannery O’ Connor the main character writes. Flannery is just perfectly created by Ann Napolitano, the girl though faces illness and is not physically well throughout but this does not mean that she sees life pessimistically. Lupus has made her body perish but not her mind and soul, Flannery still appears to be the liveliest girl in the town and if she does not go to the parties it is because of her nature not illness.

During her stay in Georgia her mother forces her to attend a marriage party so that she can get a chance to meet more of the family friends. Flannery looks at Cookie very closely for the first time and thinks that she is the exact opposite of whatever Flannery stands for. Though Flannery lacks certain qualities that might help in attracting a man but Melvin just after the first meeting is attracted to her like a nail to a magnet.

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Melvin sees the quiet novelist as a perfect being from the inside and from here on relations get a disturbing change altogether. Finally the book ends with the theme of Flannery’s novel prevailing and people present around finally start understanding her thoughts. Debra Monk should have tried to give heavier voice to Melvin and here the novel stays a little behind than Dear Edward. The scene and the characters are well portrayed and the plot is just like magic because it keeps one tied to the seat with its perfection and concreteness. There is one more awesome thing about the novel i.e though there are two opposite girls in the novel but violent hatred is not developed, there are just mixed emotions.

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