A Hero Born

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This book is with Chinese origin and was written in Chinese by Jin Yong, now it is translated in English by Anna Holmwood and narrated in the same language by Daniel York Loh. Listening to such kind of works has several benefits, first of all one gets the chance to know about the culture of a different region and a taste of their literature. Secondly the thinking of the Chinese and the roots of their empire is well depicted all the way. This book is about the strongest of the war lords in the history of mankind i.e Genghis Khan.

Who gears up on the Mongolian steppe when the Song Empire is captured by its neighbors and the peasants had do pay heavy penalty at the hands of the cruel enemy. There is another hero in the making along with Genghis Khan the one who is brought up under the influence of Genghis and hates the lord that over threw the government in Song Empire. The boy Guo Jing is from the Song Empire and possesses everything except a little wisdom if he wants to stand against the toughest on of all.

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His enemy on the other hand is superior in almost everything not only in the act of warfare but in intelligence too. But then no one can deny what is written in your destiny. A Bond Undone the second part of the series is a must for the fans because without it no one can understand the theme and the basic trends of the Chinese culture and the warlords of that era. Fantastic in all the aspects of warfare the series is bound to rule the literature world for a long time.

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