A Kiss of Shadows

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Laurel K. Hamilton surely starts a wonderful tale from this first book. It is a story full of thrill and action. A new land is created by the writer which is quite an odd one if compared with the real world but then there is ample description of the Faerie kingdom that can make you believe that the land really exists.

The character Merry Gentry is described in great detail that lives an ordinary life of a common girl but she possesses certain dark secrets. She actually is the niece to the queen of Air and Darkness and the next in line to the throne because of which the queen wants her dead so that she can make Prince Cel the king of the land called Faerie. Merry is gifted with supernatural powers of course as she belongs to the world of magic and odd things.

She lives a life of a detective in the real world which is good for her as her magical powers are quite helpful for her in solving mysterious cases and the situation related to the Faerie Empire. She does not do magic like a magician that could make her noticeable in the eyes of the local people she just wants to hide for the remaining days of her life. All the time chased by the dark shadows Merry finally thinks that it’s time to come out of the dark and instead of hiding she should fight her way out of this problem once and for all. I nice story where facing the reality proves to be the solution to all the problems instead of hiding from it.

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