A Map of Days

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Many years were lost in the fight against Caul i.e the evil force that wanted to eat up all the peculiar children. The final fight brought an end to Caul and his allies after which the time loop is finally broken and Miss Peregrine is back in her human-like shape. This also made Jacob able to return to his home where he used to live with his grandfather. As the hero returns to his home the group of peculiar children also follows because they have nowhere else to go.

The home that they once had in the Library of Souls and Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children was destroyed in the war. Miss Peregrine seems to be without options as she too follows Jacobs this time, for her, he is the new light for the clan. Things soon calm down and the children learn how to hide their peculiar powers as a result of which it becomes easy for them to live in the human world.

Jacob and Emma thought that everything would become alright for them and the gang but they were wrong. Jacob’s grandfather’s past again collides with the present. Hidden things come out that endanger every living being in the area. Even for Jacob, it was a surprise, it was one aspect of his grandfather’s life that he knew nothing about. His grandfather perhaps wanted to hide it from his grandson.

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Ransom Riggs ended one war in book three and has launched the next level of it in book four. Kirby Heyborne did not give much time to Emma and Miss Peregrine this time during narration. Jacob got some extra time from the author and narrator because the story is taking place in his world now.




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