A Memory of Light

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Robert Jordon’s death left the “Wheel of Time” series in the middle and though for some time it was thought that this wonderful series would fail to have a proper ending but the finish is superb. Brandon Sanderson really takes the series to the next level in the concluding parts that he wrote with the help of Jordon’s notes of course. We can observe the change but luckily the change is for the betterment.


The development in certain characters that the Jordon wanted to show is not left on the sideline. Over experimentation or new things are not added in abundance that has surely kept the originality in it. The changes that the wheel of time brings in the seasons and fate of the people is still the same that was seen in The Eye of the World and The Great Hunt. The era of a new generation is not introduced because the writer wanted to end the series adding another one would have once again made it endless.

We can clearly observe more freedom and space to the dragons and the dragon riders this time as the fly without any suspicion or doubt. It was no holding back for almost all the major characters as they were given the freedom of expression. The writer wanted to bring bold notes in the talk that’s why he never tried to tame any of them. Climax is pure action once again and narrated in picture perfect manner by Michael Kramer and Kate Reading who blend their voice well according to scenes.

Gravity in the voice of the warriors is only seen during fights which is a major change by the narrators otherwise the warriors were always with a heavy pitch.

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