A Merciful Fate

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All Mercy wants is to hide her secrets and herself from the rest of the world but the world just does not let her hide. Mercy lives alone but treacherous murders come to her doorstep all the time for a solution. In A Merciful Truth and A Merciful Secret old dead bodies caught the attention of Mercy and her fellow chief of police. Bones once again appear on the surface of Mercy’s town and these bones are not of an innocent man. The man has been in contact with a gang long ago and the gang had him killed because of certain reasons.

There is also a chance that perhaps he had been hiding a big secret which the rival gangs wanted. As Mercy and Truman investigate further they find the missing link of the body with a case that was closed thirty years ago. It was a robbery out of which three men escaped and only two got out with the original wealth in the end. One of three robbers ended up as dead bones in the forest; perhaps the other two killed him to increase their share. Now the problem which arises is that there appears a chance that the two missing criminals might still be in Mercy’s town. Surely they would be well settled after thirty years.

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Getting them caught is a tough ask for Mercy and the chief of police who is now engaged to her. Kendra Elliot joins this story with the past and then brings its impact on the present. The action comes in the later stages of this story but suspense carries on. Teri Schnaubelt narrates in routine, up till now the narrator fully knows the demand of the scenes and the whole stories.

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