A Merciful Promise

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The first book of the Mercy Kilpatrick series started wonderfully well after which it became critical for Kendra Elliot to maintain the same repute of the saga. Till this sixth book, the author has kept the same level which the listeners observed in A Merciful Truth and A Merciful Secret. Bringing a change in the main storyline is not the basic trend in Elliot’s works but the author tries to do something new for the public. Mercy and Truman Daly separate because of their different missions this time.

Although in the end, we observe that the two are working for the same cause but they are not allowed to come close. Mercy is hired for a mission whom she has to perform by remaining undercover. If her cover blows she would be killed within minutes by the terrorists present in the forest near her village. Truman gets busy in a series of murders which result after heavy gunshots. For both characters, death comes closer than they expected before starting their missions, and where they don’t have each other’s back to rely on.

Stuck in different corners of the town the two battle their way out of trouble and come together against a common force that has been hunting down innocent people for decades. This book contains more action than any of the other parts of the series so Teri Schnaubelt uses an aggressive style of narration. In the beginning when the mission is assigned the narration gets stronger in mood after which the gear is never lowered. The ending of this sixth part was also bigger than the rest of the five parts because this time it was a war that Mercy and Truman were fighting.

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