A Million Junes

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June has never been clear about her legacy or other things like that because her family possesses a complicated history. Though she has gone through the entire thing a number of times still there are things that have remained hidden from her eyes. However, there is one thing of which she is quite sure i.e the enemies that her father used to have when he was alive. Eli was one of them and he was on the top of the list.

Now as June tries to leave everything behind so that she can better herself, the past just springs up in front of her in such a way that she cannot ignore it. It is Saul i.e the son of her father’s enemy. She must hate the boy and bring harm to him if the time is right and she is given an opportunity. Saul is also not the kind of boy whom anyone can find interesting but June thinks that she is uniquely attracted to him.

The more she tries to hate the boy are get him out of sight, the more he appears before her, ready to claim her interest. Something binds the fate of these two opposite characters together. They are given an opportunity to look into the past where everything went wrong in the first place. When they see the past they are stunned to notice that the reality was not exactly what they were told.

Emily Henry has a routine of introducing opposite characters in the novel and then they found something in common. Beach Read and Book Lovers also made the opposite meet in the end. For the narrator Julia Whelan this was also a routine thing because she has done this before in the previous novels.

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