A Nearly Normal Family

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A Nearly Normal Family seems to be a very interesting title of a novel, which it actually is. It becomes even more interesting, when it is a psychological thriller.

The novel is written by M. T. Edvardsson. The novel is narrated by a team of narrators that include Emily Watson, Richard Armitage and Georgia Maguire and after listening to the audio book, it was a job well done by all the narrators. Not to forget Rachel Wilson-Broyles, who played his part as the translator of this novel.

New York Times had some great things to say about this novel in its Book Review and laud A Nearly Normal Family novel as a “page turner”. It is a novel that pushes the listener to confront all the compromises that we have actually made with ourselves in order to become those, who we trust our beloveds expect.

A Nearly Normal Family is a legal thriller that forces its audience to think that how far would one go in order to defend or protect those, who you dearly love?

In this gripping story of murder and love, a terrible crimes takes the front seat and drives an apparently normal looking family questioning almost everything, which they thought, they have an idea about their life and also about one another.

Stella Sandell, an 18 year old girl stands as a suspect of a horrific murder of someone, who is as much as 15 years older than her. She is an ordinary teenage girl, who comes from an upstanding and a very normal local family.

What could be her connection with a suspicious businessman? There was absolutely no evidence or prove of that. Killing her was the far off thing as she didn’t had any motive of killing him at all.




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