A Pillar of Iron

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Roman Empire and tales related to it have been a source of attraction for the people since the days when it really existed on the face of the earth. Taylor Caldwell tells us the story but through a channel in the form of Marcus Tullius Cicero who was attached to the Roman Empire since his birth. He wanted to see the empire thrive but instead he was the one who witnessed its downfall in front of his own eyes.

The desperate moves of one man to hold the things together are really heart rendering to see. He was one of the elite family members and thus had the luxury to observe the real strength of the civilization and then his attentions were diverted towards the Unknown God. He became interested to find more about the one who is known as the Messiah.

Thus towards the middle the struggle becomes spiritual as well in which he meets Julius Caesar even during his quest. Then his attention is diverted as he falls in love with Livia and the impact of this one man can be seen of the civilization of the West. Simon Mattacks and Cassandra Campbell the two narrators really narrate the speeches excellently keeping the tone of the century alive.

It seems that we have entered in the Roman empire of Caesar’s time where we can observe the gladiators even and the spiritual and worldly love moving side by side with each other.

Dear and Glorious Physician and Captains and the Kings are also worth to listen to, though these books don’t possess that much history in them but again the narration and the portraying of the scenes by the author is a treat to listen.

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