A Pound of Flesh

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Chris Patton starts narrating day nine in much sad way, the zombies are getting more and more powerful which has resulted in severe life loss. Cade is not hopeless but he has just started assuming that there is nothing that can be done. Hope is needed in the form of a miracle that could save the world from the widely spread virus. Instead of a miracle the armed forces face a disaster in the form of an attack on the Schriever Air Force Base. Base was thought to be a secure place before this and that’s why the antiserum was being prepared here.

Sylvester Fuentes the major scientist in the project had reached the perfection stage when the attack was launched. The scientists along with the serum were vaporized after the attack and all the hopes got dashed to the ground in this situation. Cade was not present on the base, he was with his friends fighting far away from the base and trying to stop thousands of virus infected undead from reaching the base.

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During the mission Mike got infected badly which really hurts Cade and the soldier knows what he has to do in such devastating situation. Cade has not been that sad in Trudge and Soldier On but after Mike’s situation its personal for him.

Nuclear detonation got good results for him and the crew but he wants to go for revenge now. Shawn Chesser slowly brings change in the personality of Cade, first he was afraid then he adjusted with the situation but now he is like a barbarian ready to pounce on the prey i.e the zombies.



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