A Purple Place for Dying

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A Purple Place for Dying is the 3rd installment in the highly appreciated Travis McGee series. It belongs to John D. MacDonald, an American author whose expertise is in producing the best mystery thrillers filled with amazing suspense.

The novel just last for 6 hours in audio version and for the entire time span, it is filled with full on entertainment. A few other examples of good work done by the author are Nightmare in Pink and The Deep Blue Good-By.

The narration just like the earlier two chapters of this novel comes to Robert Petkoff. Once again, the narrator didn’t disappointed and gave a sensational audio performance to please countless followers of this novel.

A Purple Place for Dying discovers McGee witnessing a brutal murder. It was a case that he was not in any good position to prove. There was also a kidnapping incident followed soon after that nobody was willing to believe in. It was just because of all the suspicious circumstances around which made it difficult to convince people who haven’t been there actually. Travis McGee in this situation becomes a pawn right in between a rich Southwestern patriarch, law and a highly suspicious gang that is accused of an insurance fraud. This is just that kind of thing where McGee actually revels on.

John D. MacDonald is right among the top and favorite novelists of our times and especially among those who are fan of mystery thrillers. It is really a joy to witness such amazing novels again and again even when you feel that suspense doesn’t stays the same when you are going through it for the second time.

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