A Quantum Murder – The Greg Mandel Trilogy, Book 2

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Toby Longworth starts narrating the next part in the same soldier like accent; it is quite interesting how the narrator carries on with it all the way. Greg Mandel gets hired to solve a murder case; by the looks of it the scene of the dead body is quite odd. Dr Edward Kitchener’s body lies on the ground and his lungs are dragged out of his body without any reason. Edward while he was alive was an expert in quantum cosmology thus this makes him and important personality.

But killing him in such a manner was not needed; if a person wanted something from him he could have achieved it after killing him. Thus such proper slaughtering or dissection of the body parts was a sheer waste of time. Greg Mandel thinks that it is done to mislead the investigating officers from the real motive of the crime. It is also possible that this slaughtering had something to do with the need of the criminal but what could be there in the lungs except air.

Peter F. Hamilton do this thing every time in his series, he keeps on adding new things in the stories and then later join them with the previous strings. The Reality Dysfunction and The Neutronium Alchemist had a huge variety of characters in them. Although the war that was continuing was the same but new devices and villains decorated those books well.

Dr Edward also seems to be connected with the new power source that the cartels all over the world are looking for but apparently there is no lead at the beginning. Third and final chapter will unlock all the mysteries that are being knit in the first two books.


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