A Rake’s Vow

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The first book of this series by Stephanie Laurens of this series was really a must read and no doubt it had an impact on the literature of these days. Now comes this widely awaited second chapter that was due after the success of Devil’s Bride in which romance got a new sort of twist. The narrator is also the same because Simon Prebble played a fantastic role in the first part and was liked by the fans a lot. Now in that same lovable voice comes this part with another romance story with spice involved.

This time it is a boy who does not want to marry at all, though his brothers are married but he does not want to bind him at all. He has decided to live a free life and tries to avoid women as much as he can and in the process he falls in front of one unmarried woman who is a little according to his taste.

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Both have promises made with their own selves and it appears that the time has come to break the promises for the seduction that becomes irresistible for both of them.

The style of presenting the drama is out of this world and we can even start feeling the connection between the two before it is originally made. The narrator produces sounds of sighs and makes the pitch vary for the listener to feel the romance or feeling of love developing between the two major characters.

Ironically thing is that both of them thought that they could face the temptation but their calculation proved all wrong when they were in front of one another.

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