A Season to Lie

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Emily Littlejohn knits another part of the mystery series and once again presents us in the voice of Harper Landry who has no doubt done well in the previous part as well in the narration department. Gemma the new mother of her child once again finds no time for herself and the new born as she receives another call related to a case, this time it’s about a prowler at the high school.

Gemma thinks that it is one of those stupid calls that are often for misleading the police or for the sheer purpose of a prank and nothing else, but soon a dead body appears on the snow of the Colorado town.

More devastating however than the dead body is the message that is present near the dead body with a threat that the town will see more dead bodies like this one in the coming days.

The threat forces Gemma to solve the case as quickly as possible because it becomes a race against time for the detective and everyone around to catch the killer before the next murder.

Our detective leaves no stone unturned as she searches the whole town upside town with in no time, we can see her inspecting the school and even going to the city near the village in search of clues.

This part is more compact than Inherit the Bones as the scenes that are described are more complete and neatly described the selection of the words has also improved a lot and we can expect an even better effort in the trilogy that will of course sum up the whole series along with the final fate of the famous detective.

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