A Spark of Light

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Jodi Picoult’s work comes to the scene with sensation like always; it is one of author’s best piece of art because it is written in a bold way. Starting is not given that much focus as it begins like a routine day in the life of the team that worked in the health service clinic.

The staff proved to be the most cooperative one in the town and whoever entered the domain of the clinic is never left unattended. No one ever suspected that a gunman would enter into such a zone and would create a hostage situation. When the whole staff and everybody in the clinic is made hostage the police had no other option than to call Huge McElroy for some negotiation.

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Being expert in the field the man had no hesitation in coming to the scene but then the terrible news comes. McElroy is informed that his daughter too is among the people who are made hostage in the building. The fifteen year old girl had to deal with the situation in a big way as she finds herself surrounded by people one usually don’t find around him. There is a nurse who tries to calm herself so that she can look after the wounded and then there is a woman who wants to get rid of her pregnant situation and so many others with issues of their own.

Wonderfully connected portions make a sensational scenario that thrills you for sure. Small Great Things and Leaving Time though have different story lines but the pace of storytelling is same. The narration is a joint venture of Jodi Picoult and Bahni Turpin and it is a real smooth work that the two have performed.

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