A Sparrow Falls

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Lust for power and wealth is like a plague that eats a person up morally within no time. Mark Anders faces the wrath of such a person in this novel by Wilbur Smith. General Sean Courtney the man who was praised as an icon in the whole of France never trusted his son so much. The general thought that his son does not possess the qualities of a good leader as he was a jealous little freak always thinking negatively. Instead of keeping his son close to him all the time Sean selected another young talented South African lad for this job.

The South African named Mark Anders was not only talented but also he was loyal and well committed to his assignments. The more the boy performed the more his status went high. However, when Mark returned to his home with achievements of a high degree he found only ashes and nothing else in the place which he once called home.

His grandfather was not present in the world anymore because he was murdered a short while ago also his property was occupied by an unknown foreign group. All of this was the doing of Sean’s son who wanted to get rid of Mark who was coming closer to his father and could easily inherit everything that belongs to him. When the Lion Feeds and The Sound of Thunder were also narrated by Sean Barrett i.e the official narrator of the series so far. Sean up till now knows that the author tries to present a blend of personal and cultural issues. So he narrates according to the situations and characters presented by the author.

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    The Sound of Thunder

    The Burning Shore


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