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A Storm of Swords Audiobook – A Song of ICE and FIRE book 3

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    About A Storm of Swords audiobook

    A Storm of Swords is the third volume in the epic fantasy novel series of A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin. Following the great success of the first two volumes, the American novelist continued publishing the novel first in the United Kingdom in 2000. The novel then won the Locus Award for Best Fantasy Novel in 2003. For his success with the novel series and its TV adaptation, George R. R. Martin shows the world he is not just a short story writer of The Ways of Cross and Dragon (1979), Sandkings (1981), Portraits of His Children (1987)…

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    Following the death of King Robert, the 15 peaceful years of Westeros also comes to an end! A Clash of Kings – actually it’s the war of five kings from seven families against each other to win A Game of Thrones. When Lord Eddard “Ned” Stark – the king’s advisor, discovers the truth that Joffrey – the heir of the throne is the product of Queen Cersei Lannister and her brother Jaime “the Kingslayer” Lannister, it’s also time that the five kings separate and start A Storm of Swords.  

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    1. Is there anyway to download the files streamed by the embeded player, i am able to download the mp3s of your you tube videos to listen offline but i get no signal at my job and want to listen to book 3

    2. Thank you for this! It makes work so much better.

      PS your voice for Missandei is hilarious

    3. why all of a sudden is the content locked? i was just listening this morning, and now its locked. ive liked on fb an youtube and its still locked!!

      • I second that. Now they want access to your YouTube account…. And access for them to post as if it were you. Assholes

        • hello, i just deactive this function, u can access the book now without subscribe.
          Sorry for this inconvenience . Cheers

          • Can you do that again please

          • Tokybook it’s still asking to manage my YouTube account. Not cool.

            • It’s just require you subscribe my channel by using API Youtube via application, you will receive an email from Google with low caution about the risk, don’t worry about it.
              If you don’t like to use your main account. You can using a sub youtube account to enjoy the book, thank for your understanding. I make sure your account will be secure and hope you have a great time with all books on Tokybook.Com.

    4. Something went wrong I was streaming this book just a few days ago and now I have a locked content message even after signing in to youtube and subscribing and following on facebook

    5. Do you have a version of this book read by Melissa Strun? I’ve gotten used to her voice on the other two books now this guy sounds weird to me. Lol

    6. and again. It is locked again…

    7. please … I need this book in Melissa Sturn’s voice … when will she finish the second book and start this one ?

      • Due to copyright issues, Melissa decide to start new fanfiction audiobook instead of official book, we will not continue with this series, i’m sorry about that.

    8. For some reason the player will no longer load up correctly on my phone, but works perfectly fine on my computer. Is this a common issue?

      • i strong believe that your connection on your phone is weak, please reload the page or change another internet connection. Sometime you need to wait a bit to load the player

    9. Hey there! Is there no possible way for you to record and upload somewhere else? I loved listening to you read. Can you email me the audiobooks?

    10. CPU player gets error of Content unable to download

      • Sorry for the corrupted contents, Susan. Our servers have faced some problem, which is solved by now. Therefore, you can continue listening to our audiobook, have fun!

    11. Why is there an error for the last several hours while I try to do load content?

      • Sorry for the corrupted contents, Tracy. Our servers have faced some problem, which is solved by now. Therefore, you can continue listening to our audiobook, have fun!

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