A Stranger on the Beach

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A Stranger on the Beach is a women fiction novel. It is a product of novelist, Michele Campbell. She has been quite good with such stories that involve relationships, love, hate and sometimes murder as well. If you want to explore more of her books then do check out her The Wife Who Knew Too Much and She was the Quiet One.

January LaVoy pairs up with Michele Campbell in this novel to play in the capacity of a narrator. She is an experienced narrator and did well with her performance in this novel.

The beach house of Caroline Stark was actually supposed to be her major achievement in life. It was an expensive and a lavish house that showcased and thought it as part of her perfect family life. But, after a very open fight with her husband in the public, Caroline realized that life and the thing sin it might not be as perfect as they look.

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Her husband is continuously lying to her and her money is vanishing quite fast and then, there is some stranger right at the beach outside her house. Just as her marriage and her lavish lifestyle started to collapse right in front of her eyes, she approached the stranger, Aidan. She made that move to comfort her and also for the revenge. For Caroline it was just a fling but Aidan took it seriously. His infatuation became a very dangerous thing for carline, her house, finances and her family.

Michele Campbell is a best-selling author in New York Times. This novel, A Stranger on the Beach will definitely make a great read for all the fictional novel lovers.

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