A Thousand Li: The Second Expedition

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Third part was written with certain energetic thoughts by Tao Wong and the author has brought that energy to this next part. This next part is actually like a new level in war in which only the strong and vigilant will survive while the rest will get eradicated very soon. Wu Ying tried to stick to his goal in A Thousand Li: The First War but he wasn’t able to leave the people whom he love a lot. Travis Baldree has brought more maturity in narration after the previous part because the main character has evolved and he knows exactly what he has to do.

Master Cheng was the only one, Wu Ying used to look at for inspiration and now he is dying too which means that Wu has to work fast. The poison in the veins of the Master has no cure apparently, there is an antidote which no one can reach. The material needed for the creation of the antidote is hard to find and going to the State of Wei has its own price as well. Wu Ying accepts the task and he starts the journey along with Elder Yang. The fantasy surely shifts gear at this part and the enemies are painted much stronger by the author to make the task difficult for the young warrior who has decided to help others permanently.

There is no break in action and sentiments have always been there in this series so this cannot be neglected at all. Getting the next part A Thousand Li: The Second Sect, Book 5 of a Xianxia Cultivation Epic  along with this fourth part would not be a bad idea. After finishing the fourth part the listener will surely want more of this series and waiting in such a situation does not look good.

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    A Thousand Li: The First War

    A Thousand Li: The Second Sect: A Xianxia Cultivation Epic


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