A Time to Die

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A Time to Die: Courtney, Book 7

Wilbur Smith keeps the story of the series natural by adding different characteristics of the common man. None of the stories of this series have been linked to fictional stuff such as magic or the presence of elves. It is all real flesh and blood which we see in the wars and the human nature of conspiracies has been highlighted the most. Rich people usually like hunting as making another thing their prey is a joyous thing for them, this story moves on the same theme.

Sean Courtney guides hunters in the hunting safaris; the hunters almost all the time are wealthy people who come to the safaris for the sake of fun. Riccardo Monterro is no different than the rest of the people; the only difference is that he is a little more hard-headed. Heading towards danger is his habit since his youth and now he has come to this place with his daughter to stare into the eyes of danger.

The mangoes deep into the forest to hunt the elephant which the local people have named Tukutela. A search of the elephant takes them deeper into the forest and they in their passion forget that they have crossed the border-line. Not lion and elephant scare Sean Courtney after that rather he becomes more worried about the enemies that have the skill to ambush travelers. The series surely has different colorful layers in it When the Lion Feeds and The Sound of Thunder were never on this concept which we have witnessed here. It has remained a challenge for the narrator Sean Barrett too to narrate different stuff all the time but he has kept a good pace with it.

A Time to Die

A Time to Die

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