A Trick of the Light

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A Trick of the Light depicts the marvelous abilities and skills of Louise Penny as a writer. The book is a classic detective series and based on crime mystery and thriller genre. It is part 7 of the Chief Inspector Gamache/ Three Pines series. Ralph Cosham, the narrator of this novel has done a great job with his soulful and emotional voice that aptly goes with the role.

This novel from the series starts on a sad note, where hearts are all broken, people are shattered and relationships are all broken. But, this time, Lillian Dyson herself is dead. Among all those bleeding hearts and the lilacs of the Clara’s garden in the 3 Pines, the Clara solo show celebrations at the famous Musee in Montreal got all shattered. Gamache, the Chief Inspector is also entitled as the chief officer of the homicide at Surete du Quebec.

He was summoned to the small village in Quebec. There he found the art world and alongside it, a world of shading and tinge, a world of light and shadow. Everything there was suspicious and nothing was actually how it seems. Every person you see there with a smile has a definite sneer behind it. A broken heart is almost always the case behind every sweet relationship, apparently.

Even the facts that started to surface up very slowly were not actually easily believable to be the truth that Gamache and his team were looking for.

A Better Man: A Chief Inspector Gamache Novel and A Fatal Grace books are also written by Louise Parker. Both the novels are based on crime mystery thriller genre and have done well with great appreciation received by the audiences.







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