A Wanted Man

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Another one of mission impossible situation in which Jack sticks himself unknowingly. Novel starts on a silent road with some people in the car going to Chicago. The sudden addition of murder makes this simple situation quite drastic when we hear about a killer who was so swift that he never left a trace of any sort though the killing was done with the help of a knife but still the FBI was helpless in this situation.

Lee Child in his masterpiece series is successful as ever in introducing Jack Reacher out of nowhere in a situation from which he cannot run away without arranging a proper deposition for it.

The dialogues that the character utter are well written and that has been the trademark of Lee Child’s work since he started writing the series. The suspense and thrill increase more and more as we come to know that none in the novel is telling the truth, its lies all around and you got to solve the mystery with the help of the available clues that also appear to be deceptive. The plot of the story also reveals slowly with its dark tentacles gripping each and every one present in the story.

Other parts of the series like Past Tense and Tripwire can also be read along with this one if someone is interested in Jack Reacher more than his missions otherwise the parts of the series are not linked together they are like separate missions of an excellent fighting machine. Dick Hill has once again played the role of a wonderful narrator as he has always been for this remarkable Jack Reacher series.


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