A Wizard of Earthsea

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A Wizard of Earthsea is the opening chapter of a brand new series with the title of Earthsea. It is a science fiction and fantasy novel which is intended for children. The author of this novel and the Earthsea series is Ursula K. Le Guin. The author is super talented and has done an enormous range of work for children which the adult readers also enjoy many times. A couple of her popular books to be named here are The Wave in the Mind and Words Are My Matter.

Rob Inglis did the narration here in his signature style and it turned out to be quite a successful venture. People especially children loved the performance which had expression and accent was quite easy to understand.

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The novel begins with the description of some shapeless mass that split apart in darkness. It sundered and then a pale light was seen between his open arms. A human appeared in the form of a tall and beautiful woman who was full of fear and sorrow.

The audience are introduced to Ged who is known as the greatest Earthsea sorcerer, also known as the Sparrowhawk.  It casts a spell that helped his village from possible destruction which came through the invading Kargs. The Mage of Re Albi, Ogion motivated the boy to encourage himself in the art of wizardry.

This book is a little gem for children and it is very beautifully narrated as well. This is a book that children would love to listen on a loop. This is the first out of the five chapter of the series and the author managed to give it quite a grand start.

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