A Wizard’s Soul

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A Wizard’s Soul: Sentinels of Creation, Volume 3

Sentinels of Creation was an entirely new concept and surely it was a bold one too because Robert W. Ross started talking about the God and angels in this one. In each episode the problems keep on becoming more serious and big ones too. The Creation itself comes under threat in A Power Renewed and A Tale of Two Gardens . The problems are not very different in this book either as the series reaches the third part. Once again the book is narrated by Nick Podehl which makes it appear just like the previous parts in tone.

Kellan thought that he would not be able to survive till Christmas but he has managed to defeat all of his enemies with the help of his friends and now is ready to celebrate. With Shannon on his side, Kellan thinks that he deserves some rest and Christmas fun is something which he has liked since his childhood. There are no signs of any supernatural events around so it is a good peaceful life, just like Kellan once planned.

Very quickly, Kellan’s desires and hopes are crushed when he comes face to face with the plans that are designed none other than Lucifer himself. Lucifer has been working behind a veil since the beginning and this time he decides to launch an open war against his enemies.

The war which has been launched against Kellan and his allies is far bigger than they initially anticipated and facing the war is the only option that is present in front of them. Kellan thinks that he needs serious help and for this reason he goes in search of an ancient treasure that could turn the course of the war in his favour.

A Wizard’s Soul A Wizard’s Soul

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