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Once again, Keith C. Blackmore and John Lee have delivered another excellent storytelling and narrative ability. Just as the characters were presented in the previous book Spikes and Edges, Blackmore continued in this line with an exam exceptional cast of the characters for continuity. The few ones that were introduced were integrated properly into the story both in action and in voice representation.

If you’ve been following the 131 Days series, it will be easy for you to quickly grasp the plot and character roles in the book.

The arena games and the fight continue in the fourth book of the 131 Days Series. In this book, there is a plot to exert revenge on Kree, while Goll plans to participate in the games again.   Getting tired of the audacious Prajus, Gastilo tries to negotiate with Nexus, the wine merchant. He is trying to get rid of his troublesome gladiator and make enough money that will serve him a lifetime.

Meanwhile, P,ig Knot wanders the backstreets and alleys of Sunja, where he finds out that his birthplace does not really favor him.  On the other hand, captured Jackals are looking forward to the arena games while the Persian Weapon is gearing up to face his most difficult match ever.

The action in this book is just extraordinary.  There are plots and counter-plots from the beginning of the book until the end.

Although there are few pointless meandering conversations and gratuitous drinking characterized in gladiator series, this book does not get bogged with drunken characters.

You need to gear up for a lot of actions and gladiator fights throughout the book. If you’re a sci-fi reader, you will love how the author presented the storyline in this awe-inspiring novel. You may not see many series where the fourth book is just as engrossing as the first.

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