Absolution by Murder

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Peter Tremayne is a British literary biographer, historian, and novelist. He has so far published 98 books, where a few of them came under his other pen name of Peter MacAlan. The crime mystery thrillers from the author are quite amazing and it is also our agenda of discussion here as the subject novel, Absolution by Master is one of them. The book is part 1 of the Sister Fidelma novel series. There are some other exciting novels as well such as Dancing with Demons and A Prayer for the Damned which promises to be worth your while.

Caroline Lennon did the narration of this novel and the performance was good with excellent expression and tonal quality.

Tempers started to fray just when the leading churchmen along with the women assembled in AD 664 at the Synod Whitby. They were there to debate about the rival merits of the roman and Celtic Churches. The conspirators set up an assassination plan while the violent, mysterious death stalks the entire ghostly monasteries of the St. Hilda Abbey. When a leading speaker from the Celtic Church, named Abbess Etain was found murdered then the suspicion rests on the Roman faction automatically.

As a Brehon Court advocate, Fidelma is summoned on for the investigation of the murder along with Brother Eadulf from the Roman faction. Both of them were a lot unlike and their partnership was just as what you know about that of a fox and a wolf. Much gruesome death follows right after.

The novel is quite gripping and it will keep you hooked right till the ending part. You will be in awe of the author and the excellent narration given by Caroline.


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