Accidental Sire

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Half-Moon Hollow is a wonderful series, where multiple chapters have come in so far and every one of them is worth your time. This is all due to the brilliant writing of Molly Harper, who probably had brought al her experience and vast imagination in penning this series. A couple of more chapters from the Half-Moon Hollow novel series are: Peace, Blood and Understanding and Where the Wild Things Bite. You will definitely find your peace in these novels, which are well written and beautifully narrated.

The Accidental Sire novel is narrated by Amanda Ronconi, who is the go to choice of Molly Harper for many of her novels. Amanda in this novel performed well, which deserves a special appreciation.

In this highly exciting addition to the phenomenal Half-Moon Hollow saga, you will see the focus shifting on the Ben. He was the ex-boyfriend of Gigi. Ben is determined to protect and save her new girlfriend, when she got killed in a freak accident. He is willing to go to any extent and pay any cost to save her. He was ready to bring her into the ultimate darkness of the vampire life, if that is what it takes to save her.

Audience just love the world that Molly Harper has made for them in Half-Moon Hollow. They have seen some great romance, emotion, drama and the dark lives of vampires in this paranormal romantic novel series. On the other end, Amanda Ronconi narration is highly addictive and you cannot just stay quiet without praising her voice and expression. Overall, the Accidental Sire and the entire Half-Moon Hollow novel series is an absolutely stunning beauty.

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    Where the Wild Things Bite

    Peace, Blood, and Understanding


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