Aced-Driven Series

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Truth that K. Bromberg brings to the surface pinches just like the real one and this is the primary cause that makes the books a masterpiece. Bromberg in the fantasies has always tried to paint characters that possess the qualities of a real person. The characters love like real human beings and also have the basic weakness of committing errors too. Colton and Rylee’s case is not very different they love each other but a single mistake or error that was once committed has separated them from the inside.

It has been six years after Driven when the two had that magical moment together but that single moment still makes Colton tense because of different reasons that have been teasing him. Story is more psychological after Fueled because most of the happenings are taking place in the mind only. Rylee too is thinking a lot and there is not a lot of action going on in the real world. However this imaginative world or the world of thoughts is just as appealing as the real world.

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The inner thinking, nature and personality of the characters open up through their monologues. Tatiana Sokolov and Sean Crisden have done quite a hard work in this regard as they have narrated the monologues with extreme care and clarity. None of the words slip during the narration each word gets full attention of the narrators making the feelings of the characters easily understandable for the listeners. Conclusion was nice and truly justified; it was one of those series that could be listened again and again in a quite mood when you are alone on the weekend.


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    Driven-Driven Series, Book 1

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