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At the start of this fourth part the dragons along with the riders are in the desert which they have named as the sanctuary because it is still hidden from the enemy. The enemy is ready because they know that the dragon riders are out there somewhere training and waiting for the right time. In Sanctuary they were trying for a war but still they don’t have the capacity and now they finally have found a safe city in the open for themselves.

Aerie was with the capacity to keep the riders and their dragons safe and in the walls of this city Kiron can finally build a strong army to fight the magic of the enemy. Mercedes Lackey first gave Kiron a chance to escape from slavery than in Alta he got an army of friends, then a safe dungeon and now a whole city. This shows that Mercedes right from the beginning had an idea of a king in mind for the boy who still just wants to make his land free from the evil forces but that is the first quality of a leader.

Raised as a slave and now hailed as a king in Aerie the boy prepares his men for the battle and here he is presented by a chance to rule in peace but he just cannot allow evil to flourish. Magnificent war and training scenes are narrated by Ryan Burke and with this intensity the series can still move further in action. New dragons and dragon riders are still coming, after their joining in the clan that has settled in Aerie more stories can be added.

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