After the Funeral

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Agatha Christie’s top rank detective novel series with Hercule Poirot’s as the main character has been thrilling the fans for ages. This is the thirty first one of the epic series with another murder mystery and again the scenario gives a feeling of newness though the method of killing and the tool is an old one. Cora Lansquenet is the poor creature who is murdered this time and the case goes to the master detective who never says no to a case and produces the extraordinary results at the end.

Cora is not the first one of her family who is killed in cold blood, as she was at her brother’s burial a day ago and she was of the view that he was killed. Though the death of her brother Richard seemed to be a natural one but Cora uttered significant words at his burial. Some are of the view that her remarks got her killed and the killer of both of these family members is the same.

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Hercule is called for the job by the solicitor because the family never had any issues with anyone in the past and neither had a property dispute of any kind. The killer was mainly after Richards, the sister was killed only because she was knew who he was.

Also this means that the killer was present at the funeral as well because of which he came to know about Cora’s remarks. The novel nicely reminds us about the parts like And Then There Were None and Murder on the Orient Express and though the whole thing is not in continuation as each part is a separate mystery still there are certain links. These links can be found if you delve a bit deeper in the construction of the stories.


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