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Aftershocks marks the beginning of a wonderful series, which is based on military science fiction. Very few authors have tried their pen in this specific genre and Marko Kloos, the author of this novel is phenomenal in his attempt. Luke Daniels took the charge of the narration of this novel and he deserve all the applause and appreciation for his magnificent tone and style of expression in playing the characters.

This novice novel series by Marko Kloos is quite promising and as much engrossing as the popular Front-lines. You will find both the science and action in this novel at its very best.

All across the expanse of 6 distinct planets belonging to the mighty Gaia System, Gretia (Earthlike) finds it hard to stabilize under the threat of an interplanetary war. In between all this, the challenging alliance was required in order to maintain the economies of the planets and also their population and resources.

Aden Robertson comes to the scene again after giving away 15 long years of his life to the losing side and he was the responsible for blood bath of almost half a million population. Aden this time is keen to move and find a way that works well. He is not the only one thinking like that. Many others are also thinking on the same lines and have their different set of challenges.

Angels of Attack and Terms of Enlistment are other novels, where the author Marko Kloos has shown his utter brilliance and class in literary writing. It would be your great investment in time by entrusting this author for the mentioned audio books as they were highly appreciated by critics.







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    Finch Merlin and the Locked Gateway

    Terms of Enlistment


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